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Just played this in Indiepocalypse, it was really touching. I loved the aesthetic and interface as well as the "struggling to stay alive" feeling of the minigames. When the final song came on near the end I cranked up the volume. Thanks for a lovely game!


The Pixel art made me go “Yesss” NGL. The monochromatic art really fit into the theme of the game. The small issue I found in the mini-games were that it was difficult to sync the heartbeat time this thing could’ve made easier, also to improve the game further you can add the training arc of Laika to have a complete story around. 

Talking about the story of the game did touch my heart, made me think about the fate of all those animals used for experimentation for the human race. It made me (Shaydiesin) realise that we are privileged to breathe to taste the air, which is the last gasp of all those who lived before us. It’s their only true legacy.  Had to play this game twice once for the story second for the review and rating. 


This was really fun :3 thank you for making it!

the game does not start I am under windows 8 and I am using google chrome

sorry to hear that. When you say it does not start, did you see the start menu and it does not react when you click start, or you can't see the start menu at all and only see a black menu?

It is after clicking on the start menu that a gray screen is displayed, and nothing more.

hmm if you check more tools -> developer tools in chrome, can you see some errors? Sorry I can't reproduce the bug on my chrome...

This is what the console displays 

Nothing suspicious... Sorry I don't know how to solve this T^T

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Good effort by the team I can see the labour that went into it.

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this story happens in space


Did you play the game?