During another all-nighter at Vine Labs, a fellow intern makes you coffee with Mystery Sugar. Turns out it is part of the corporate clones’ experiment to turn you and the other new interns into an ugly monster!

Welp, you’re getting out of here. Let the corporate corpses pile up as you grow your vines and reach for the entrance.


Grow tentacle arms to kill everyone in the room. Get to the door to leave.
Be careful not to run out of energy. 
Regain energy by drinking blood of your former colleagues.


Click and drag to grow.

Space to lunge while moving(it would cost extra energy!)

WASD to Pan (when the map is large)

R to restart

(Cheats if you really get stuck: L to next level, K to previous level)


The mystery is in the sugar ;)


@flavedo - programmer

@liukaichi - Programmer and Artist

@littlemissleestories - Narrative Designer and Artist

@Carlotes - Audio and Music producer


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