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Very nice game, great art and music!

Maybe the infobox about the plant should not pop up on hover, maybe there could be a click event for that. 

Thank you for playing! Yeah I agree, it does get a bit distracting haha :)


Really great game, loved the art style!

This is a really nice game! I like all the little details such as the swaying of the flowers and the fluid animations. The art is also really nicely done! The soundtrack is really calm and soothing. I did encounter a small bug, though where I got negative nitrogen for adding the fruit flowers too fast, but other that that, it is a really polished game!

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There was also a bug which made u have possible to have negative everything (fixed in one of lasts alphas)(the tester here) 


I am very pleased with the ability to wriggle the flowers around like flail. Fantastic.


others: You cant make perfect game for GSGJam....

Flavedogame: haha Flourish game go brrrr....

apart from joke my Review:

The game is perfect for the Jam. I love the animation on dragging the objects into the garden usually there are no animations in this genre of games. The Music is soothing and peaceful , It goes perfect with the game. Mechanism is also good. i found no bugs in the game. only thing i wanted in the game are shadows, it would give a really good look to the game.

Haha, thank you so much! Our programmer is awesome, it's crazy how fast he whips together really impressive and stable code. Shadows would've been really cool, I'll look into how I could do that in future games! :) 

Really cool game! Its cool that you made a tutorial. In the tutorial it says you can speed up the game in the corner but I cant. The art is really good and goes well with the gameplay. The music is simple but fits the game.

I love the art and animation. Did you make it yourself?


Thank you! Yes, I've painted and animated pretty much everything, no assets used. :) Our awesome programmer did the bone rigging for the flowers.

Very beautiful game! It is a fun casual clicker type game and I enjoyed playing it. I would just suggest an audio cue for when a snail spawns, similar to how there's an audio cue for the bird. Good job


Thank you so much for your feedback. I was in charge of the SFX and I wanted to create a sound for when a snail appears, but we decided that it could be more interesting to have those sneaky demons enter your garden without the player noticing. I will think about putting a sound next time!

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I really like the pretty artwork and the music! The virtual garden gameplay is relaxing, straightforward, and pretty engaging for a strategy and simulation game! Collecting resources by hovering my mouse over it is also very satisfying lol. 

It may be cool to have a little warning when there's a snail in my garden, or have a little notification when my tree can be upgraded, but it may change the simple style of the game you were going for. I would also love to be able to hide the panel and view my garden in its full glory (sometimes I accidentally place plants right behind the panel too, making it invisible) I have noticed some small bugs: the speed button doesn't seem to work in my chrome browser, and sometimes the resources won't collect while I hover my mouse over it. 

Great game!


Thank you for your feedback, so glad you liked it! We would have loved to do a bunch more polish, much of the game was finished very close to the deadline haha, so I definitely agree with your points there. :)