The crew of a spaceship wakes up after being in cryo sleep for a thousand years, finding themselves stranded on this seemingly perfect planet to settle on. Their connection to Earth has been lost during their cryo sleep however, so to be able to share these wonderful news of another livable planet, they must explore their surroundings and find resources to both survive and repair their equipment. With some luck, this new planet might prove a great new home - to solve the problems that humanity faced when they left all those years ago...

- To unlock new items with new actions (Scout, Rest etc.) you must use Rest a certain amount of times.
- To make Cooked Food from Raw Food, you need to unlock the Campfire, which you do by exploring and then using Rest.
- The horse will help you cost less sanity in scout.
- The boat will help you pass through the water.

Please note!
Don't click the next turn button too fast -That might cause bugs....

Cheat button if you encounter a bug:
You can press I to skip current turn (only use this if you get stuck in the game please~)

Game reference:
Sarusaru DS

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsflavedogame, Sealcat, rbraga888
GenreStrategy, Survival
TagsAnimals, Food, Hand-drawn, Narrative, Puzzle-Platformer, Space, Steampunk, Surreal


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I'll say, this was fun to play. The ending was quite unexpected which was good. I do feel that the game becomes more and more easier such that the only thing necessary to do is just scout. Every other action becomes meaningless since you have stockpiled up a lot of resources and can just spam, Collect, Cook, Rest. Nonetheless, Great effort man.


Thanks! The game was very hard at first so I adjusted to make it easier, and might not test enough so the later part of the game gets too simple. Thanks for playing and finishing the game! Means a lot to me!