The forest is in danger and the animals are in peril! Lead them to safety and save as many lives as you can, brave forest ranger!

Featuring 12 levels and 5 animals with unique abilities in this physics-based momentum puzzler. Can you rescue them all?


A/D or arrow key to move left and right

W/Up Arrow/Space to jump

Animal abilities:

Wolf: leading a pack can help you reach animals further away

Owl: left click-drag to fly to the mouse position

Boar: smashes rocks with enough speed

Rabbit: higher jumping, but you can't control it

Hummingbird: click to dash to the mouse position and pin, click again to unpin


Touching an animal permanently links you together. Animals have abilities, and the order of animals linked can be important.

You can change direction in midair.


Flavedo: Programmer/Designer

Sourlyx: Composer/Sound designer

Dawn (Coat): Artist

Story writer: Toucan


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Lmao love the rolly physics. Feels like I am in giant gumball machine XD