Chloé, the heroine of our little story, is on her way home. At a river, however, she is stopped by a broken bridge.

Fortunately, right next to the bridge is a small village with forest dwellers. Each of them have their own story and personality. Help them with their tasks, and in doing so, find a way for them to help you repair the bridge.

You can walk your hero with W/A/S/D.

Use [SPACE] for talking and interacting and [I] to open and close the inventory.

Characters will give you quests (listed in the upper left corner of the game). To fulfill these quests, you have to find items that give you the right Tokens to achive a task. You are holding the Tokens in your hand (bottom of the game). You can click them, to transfer them into any other item or to your hand. Some important Items will show you recipes (What you need/What you get).

Collecting everything you find at once is not recommended. To enjoy the stories, follow the unfolding quests in the upper left corner of the game (unfortunately they change very subtile and show no completed tasks, so you might have to watch changes closely). Most quests can be completed before starting/finishing the next ones.

If you struggle, check the complete Walkthrough in this separate post.

In the first quest ★ Ain't no bread without an oven Bert asks you to bake a Bread - he will guide you through the process by giving you tasks. Take the flammable Token from the branch (north of the pond), put it into the Oven to convert it into a hot Token and finally put that hot Token into the Dough to bake a bread (don't forget to hit the Do It! button). You will get an uplifting Token as a reward (click it to transfer it to your hand).

Help others and they will help you.

Say hello to the people who worked really hard to create a nice and cozy story line, whimsical music, art and characters all enveloped by a great Unity project.

All art assets  are hand-drawn with pens, watercolor brushes and ♥ by Humane Tiger.


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I really like the point and click games, so I was happy to see this one!
And I did a letsplay! 

What I like:

  • Artwork (especially Pink owl!)
  • Relaxing music and atmosphere
  • Storytelling  is so cozy
  • Gameplay with crystals really interesting, but even when I read the tutorial I failed to understend how it work on the first minutes haha

Some sugestions:

  • Sometimes I have too many crystals and I can't see them all on the panel. Maybe it would be better if the same crystal just has a countdown in the corner of the card
  • If I didn't complete the tasks in a certain order, I won't be able to complete them all (this happened to me on Jody's quests)

I would also be very grateful if you add the Female Protagonist tag!

Awwww - thank you so much for recording and sharing your Let's play of our game. This is the first time someone is doing that for one of our Jam entries - makes me so happy! Will add the femal protagonist tag as you suggest. The crystal/token mechanic needs some improvement, you are right. We were concentrating on getting the stories done, unfortunately there wasn't enough time left to also polish the mechanic. Sorry for that  -and thanks again for all your efforts, compliments and feedback.

Is it okay with you, when I add your YT video to our game description?

I'm happy that you're happy, ahah
You had limited time, so I understand everything, and the story is great!

Yes, of course you can!


The art is so cute! I wish the main character had a walk animation and her movement wasn't so slippery, though. The crafting(?) mechanic was a little confusing, but once I got the hang of it, it was fun.

(3 edits)

Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts :-) Yeah, animation is still my biggest enemy. One step at a time - for this game I was doing 3D art for the first time, learning how to apply my hand drawn art to 3D models in Blender - this was a big step for me. The token mechanics need some explanations for sure. Will add a How to Play section here on the game page tomorrow.

Ah, that makes sense. Art is hard!