In this card-based game you play as a Squirrel preparing for the next winter. Collect food, resources and items and Craft traps and weapons to defend yourself and your allies against predators and competitors. Survive for as long as you can  – and you will finally be rewarded with unlocking new stages and more surprises.

We wish you happy Prepping!

⬪ How To Play ⬪

The game loop is fairly simple, once you get a hang of it: Drag a new Tetris tile onto the board and place it next to an existing tile (see Controls below for how to do that).

Almost any two resources (like branches, acorns, tumbleweed) will  combine into a new tile (a trap or weapon will be crafted) once you place them next to each other. A preview will show you the result upfront, so keep dragging until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Consult the Guide Book at any time if you want to check the behavior of the crafted items – all of them have unique features and characteristics. Same is also true for your enemies! Additionally, every turn enemies will move on tile closer to your hero. So make sure you place the enemies and traps with keeping your heros protection in mind, and make use of swapping any two tiles of your choice once per round.

Each Card has only one number in the upper left corner. This number is serving many purposes at once (health, damage and value). Values are adding up during crafting, health and damage will be resolved when an enemy hits your hero or get hit by a weapon.

⬪ Controls ⬪


⬪ Our Team ⬪

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Authorsflavedogame, Humane Tiger, sourlyx
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Tagsautumn, Casual, Cozy, Tetris


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Very interesting game! I love puzzles and card games. I really enjoyed the art and music in the game, very relaxing and good for a strategy thinking. My congratulations to the dev and the team!