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It is the year 207X. Strange cubes have been discovered around Saturn. They are smooth and reflective, and bigger than anything around earth.

Probes and rovers were sent but destroyed before they got to the surface by the interference around the cubes. An expedition crew was sent and disappeared too.

Everybody on earth is following the mystery. What is it? How is it here?

Who put it here?


MouseUse menu
Left clickUse skill and advance dialog
Click and dragRotate the cube

You cannot directly control the robot, and will follow paths on the cube. Activate functions with the mouse to explore.

If you come to an intersection, you will try moving: Forward, Right, Left. If one direction is blocked, you will try the next in order.


Flavedo - programmer/designer
Chapstic593 - 3d artist/ modeler
sourlyx - sound designer/composer
Toucan - narrative design
Thanks to Robin Géhanne for additional narrative proofreading.

Assets used:

Simple Toon
Dark Theme UI
Sky Box Volume 2
Low poly Forest environment package

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsflavedogame, sourlyx, Toucan, Chapstic593
TagsBlack and White, Exploration, Sci-fi


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What you have here is a fantastic puzzle game!! While it may not fit the RPG theme, I'll let it slide.  The graphics are minimalistic but have some charm to them.  The ambiance is relaxing and there were puzzles that did get me to think.  I should also congratulate you on Winning the Shake It Up Jam this year!!

nice game! took me awhile to figure that i just control the walking direction.
i love the music, and the esthetic