WASD or arrow keys to move

space + WASD/arrow keys to pick up/drop-down item

mouse click for dialog


This game has a known bug that it might crash randomly on some levels.

You accidentally prevented the comet from attacking earth, thus dinosaurs didn’t die…

You get back to earth and dinosaurs govern the earth and you as a special-looking monkey, put into the zoo, you need to attract dinosaur visitors to earn money and survive, or do you?

texting sound:
background music:

story ref:

Destiny By Cixin Liu

Development log


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very unique story, and the gameplay was really fun, the music and art were great! nice job !

I like the concept and music!  I like the relaxing feel.


thanks! Your game looks awesome!

very unique concept, remarkable OST and an overall simplistic style and gameplay result this in being quite an enjoyable experience. Good work keep it up!

Thank you so much!