A bloodthirsty Queen bee and her colony is hunting down the gnomes that live on Lord Blueblood’s lawn! But Lord Blueblood had enough of battling (his family committed genocide on orcs) and he has taken a vow of peace. Now, he uses his beginner nature magic to learn the language of the bees and calm the Queen down.

Hint: Every buzz has a different value, and when combined they may be amplified or countered!


Figure out which bee symbols calm the Queen down and which enrage her.
Pay close attention to every individual BUZZ!


Do not shoot the monster! The reformed warmongering mage is attempting nature magic to communicate with the bee monster instead of blasting it.


Click to select option

Restart: R

Switch difficulty: 1, 2, 3

Retrospective notes for improvement:

Looking back, I think this game could work a lot better if it was fast paced as originally intended! Possibly using the timer UI we have and a rotating legend so the player can see what symbols mean what and the best combo to pick. Every bee variant, which we have tons of, could have a different point system for each symbol. Plus, the shoot button could change places every time so the player has to be careful not to shoot HAHA! Anyway, still met great people and learned a lot, from using git for the first time new techniques on procreate! Thanks a lot everyone! -Jaqui


@flavedo - Programmer 

@theslackingcat - Programmer

@tausakataus - Audio Implementation

Jaqui (@littlemissleestories) - Narrative/Art

Jovani (@samuarai-jovani), Alexandre, and Nicholas - Audio collective

Bug notes: We have a visual bug for this animation, here it is in its full glory 🐝⚡️☠️

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