The game is on steam now! hooray! If you can wishlist it it would be helpful!

You are a virus escaping the lab -- survive and go viral!
(Don't worry about the humans, this is a special virus where they just fall asleep :) )

WASD or arrow keys to move

SPACE to detonate and spread virus

R to restart game

K or L to switch between levels if you get stuck


All code and assets made from scratch. 

@flavedo - Programmer / Level Designer

@Enesai - Artist

@liukaichi (Justin Liu) - Music / Sound

Made using Unity, FMOD, and Aseprite.


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This is super cool!

Awww the police not shooting infected dogs is way too cute

Yay I beat it! Thought the end screen was an extra hard puzzle but realized it was done ahah

These are wonderfully done. A nice smooth difficultly scale to the puzzles. Some left me stuck for a while, and it was very satisfying solving them. Well done with the Brackey's entry! Great stuff!

i realy enjoy the game good puzzels and game idea it was really fun but I wish there was extra help for people that are not really good at puzzle games of undo butto

Verry addicted game, amazing puzzles. Luv every thing about it. Great job, thanks for letting me play this game.