A cute, hand-drawn game where you lay and push eggs to overcome obstacles.

It's our entry for the #Spring2DJam 2023. The theme is Chickens.

There is an in-game tutorial, so you can get started right away!


In the rush of last minute publishing it seems like one egg got lost. BUT do not despair, because there is a secret key that was meant for testing. When you come to that point with too many traps, you can press [P] to get an extra egg.

Voilà! Problem solved!

And now enjoy and have fun!

Our Team

Gameplay Recording

For those who don't want or can not play the game for any reason we uploaded a gameplay recording.

Chickaboom! Gameplay - YouTube


All gameart assets are hand-drawn with ❤ by Humane Tiger.

Music by Bensound.com/free-music-for-videos, License code: 4GJ2TIWGPQ1E5BJT

Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorsflavedogame, Humane Tiger, NatanMP
TagsChicken, egg, Forest, Side Scroller


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Interesting idea of laying explosive eggs that help you reach places! Funny that the chicken is so weak but its eggs are superpowered.

Also, I can see the thanks for playing sign but cannot make it to the end T.T Help I am stuck
Wish I could lay eggs in mid-air!

Super cute art, I was expecting a chill cozy game haha but even the friendly looking rainbow worms are enemies! Spring can be stressful XD


It would be nice it there was a visual exploding effects for the egg. Also, I cannot get past the indestructible blue thorns.