How to play:

Cook eggs to different levels and satisfy customers!


  • Click on the conveyor belt to crack an egg
  • Click/drag on a stove to turn it on
  • Drag chicken to a customer to make them happy

Background musics:

Restaurant bell:
Cash register:
Customer angry:
Game over:

Art reference:
Character: Earthbound/Mother

Development log


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Cuteee I like the yummy sound effect

Very nice focus here. The idea of a conveyer belt cooktop is unique and quite flexible for optimization if you plan right! I'm terrible at Overcooked style games because I have a hard time planning and prepping though haha. However, I still had a good time. Nice choice of chill music by the way!


Thanks! I'm not good at Overcooked either, in my first design there will be more ingredients and more machines, but then I realize I don't have enough time and I myself would have a hard time play with so many things. Glad you think the current game is flexible!

I agree with the other comments : very nice and easy to pick idea! 

thank you!

such a nice game! The music was great and so was the gameplay itself!

thanks for liking it!


This is so cool! Love the concept of cooking the eggs just the right amount. It was very intuitive to pick up and play. Cute graphics too! Nice jam game.

glad you like it!

My only complaint is that you cant get rid of burnt eggs, maybe that would be something to spend your money on, like a trashcan of some sort.