Time to build your monster and teach those arrogant human a lesson!


The antenna would allow you to click an arm or eye to speed it up, it might be a little hard to click, there will be an outline when you can click on it.

Add Antenna more than once would not give you anything more than visually show another one... sorry about that...

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GenreSimulation, Adventure
TagsMonsters, upgrades


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I like it! When I killed this pesky  wizard for the first time - THAT was a good feeling :-D My monster extensions have a certain tendency, as you can see ;-) But the game adjusts nicely to that. I also like, that you can collect the resources actively by your own, feels much more rewarding! And the storyline is just awesome - great job!

Haha yeah I should probably make the hand be more... symmetrical. Or maybe this is intended lol. You are a ... right person ;)