Welcome to this world where the spirits of nature and machines are locked in conflict with each other. Your mission is to solve puzzles and defeat the machines roaming the land, but you can't do this alone. Luckily, there are animal spirits willing to help you out!

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2021  during 48 hours. No assets used - everything was created by the team. Some art was made before the jam and re-edited during it.

• WASD - Move your character
• Left mouse click while moving - Dash
• Spacebar - Disband attached spirits (you can pick them up again afterwards, as long as they don't die)


After you get the key, you(the main character, not the spirits you recruited) need to dash to the final door (the middle door) to open it.

  • All Blue items are interactable - dash to them to destroy or collect them

• Dash into enemies to destroy them
• Touch a spirit to attach it to yourself
• Arrange attached spirits into different patterns to solve puzzles and maneuver the terrain
• Dash into blue cages to destroy them - but you need attached spirits to make yourself powerful enough to succeed
• Open doors in different ways depending on the particular door - Defeat all enemies, press buttons or Find The Key 

Programmer - Flavedo
Artist - Sealcat
Game Designer - SHLEO
Music & SFX - Princent Vice


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