Awsd/Qzsd to move

Arrow key to shoot

You need to sacrifice your life to kill more enemies. There is no gain without paying.

1.29 updates:

  • Fixing more bugs
  • Add light

1.28 updates:

  • Fixing multiple bugs
  • Support Azerty keyboard to move with qzsd
  • You can shoot your last heart! Well at your own risk...
  • Add the art for demon - it will haunt on you at the level you were killed!

Flavedo: programmer,  designer,  artist

Botphire: artist, composer, designer

Sapient: tester


Game/Art reference:

The Binding of Isaac


Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsflavedogame, TheDoDev
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Roguelike


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This is such a cool mechanic

Pinball with your life

Ahhh got to lvl 9

I died on 7th level XD

NICE. I love the main mechanic, a little rng dependent though

Wow, super smart idea for a mechanic. It wasn't always clear to me how or when I took permanent damage/died, but I still really loved it.

add some postprocessing while you still can!


Please turn this into a full game. It has so much potential.

thanks that really means alot

The mechanic is pretty cool! I enjoyed the art and sound effects too! If it gets developed farther it might be a pretty neat indie game

(1 edit)

Thanks that's nice to be heard, will definitely consider that!

The heart shooting mechanic is really cool! I did encounter a bug on my second run through level 3 and the huge bug enemy just flew out of the room not allowing me to complete the level. :(

Sorry to hear that! Somehow I failed to reproduce it... Does it just fly away and never get back? does it disappear from the camera? where do you stand, and did you move around? Sorry again for letting you meet this bug!

I liked it, specially the bouncing hearts mechanic, but I found it annoying that the enemies spawn and start attacking me before the "LEVEL X" screen disappears.


That's a bug! I removed the whole "level x" scene since it's not that important, and also remove the delay when you hit the door. It should be more smooth to switch level now! Feel free to play if your want.

how do i beat level 8 the bug monster won't die

Hi since the level is randomly generated... I can't really reproduce it. I think you need to hit the bug several times to kill it. when you hit it, would it show a red flash on it? If that happens, you might need to do that multiple times. Let me know if it still does not work!

two things, 1. the creatures that fart make a very annoying sound and I find it hard to hurt them. 2. In level 4 I instantly take damage and die. 

Removed the fart sound and hopefully fixed the second bug! Thanks for playing!

The game is good but please most of us have an AZERTY keyboard so keep that in mind while coding the input next time


Sure will keep that in mind. Thanks for playing it and sorry for the trouble🤣

I added support for AZERTY keyboard(I guess, I just add support for qzsd as awsd), feel free if you want to try it again.

not letting me play it says’s server IP address could not be found.

Sorry to hear about that. It seems like an issue. I'll see if any thing I can do with it. Are you using Windows? You can try downloading the windows version to play if you want.

ok thanks

very cool reminds me of Binding of Isaac

Yeah the game idea comes from it! Thanks for playing

I like the game idea man. Only problem I have is that the velocity of the heart becomes less whenever it hits an enemy multiple times. Dunno if that was intended? Also I got stuck on level 4 because I had one heart left. Maybe a timed health pack would be nice so u can atleast advance :) Or just tell me I need to play better xD

Sure I'll make that you can shoot your last heart out, and if you lose it, you died! Hope that would make more sense. I'll check with the sound thing. Thanks for playing!

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Very good game idea but the small dust things on the map where you can walk through are pretty annoying. And the part that you cant shoot your last hart annoys me too you could have made something that you can shoot it but then you go to hell and you have to collect the hart after 2 sec or so to not die instantly. And maybe you will find a better name for the game.

: )


Thanks for the advice! Will think about it!

Sorry btw what is the small dust thing you mentioned?

This thing

I see.  I'll improve it to make sure if looks like something that would block you. Thanks!