A charming, hand-drawn turn-based roguelike inspired by the complex card mechanics of "Slay the Spire" spiced up and fused with an ever-rotating, grid-based inventory.

Explore numerous combinations of items and effects, fight enemies and unique bosses, build your perfect set – and clear your way home!  


The #improvemygamejam  rules ask for providing a devlog. We were late with this one, so we publish the link here:


The inventory might feel foreign at first, but it's actually pretty simple. The fun really starts once you start understanding these core ideas




You play the game with your mouse. Mobile touch controls also work fairly well.

(Web Users: be sure to disable any adblockers to make the sound work properly.)

We recommend the windows version for better audio experience.

All art, music, SFX and code were made from scratch, aside from of a few of the SFX, which were gathered from freesound.org.


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Development log


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There is a glitch where if an enemy is killed by spike ball, the game freezes and you have to restart

I'd put a direct link to a video I made regarding your game, but the link keeps breaking. You'll have to go through my playlist and find your game within it instead.

DFuxa Reviews & Plays 7DRL 2023

Hi DFuxaPlays, thank you for giving our game a review and test play. I tried several ways to insert a YouTube video here - no luck. There are quite a few solutions of how to embed YT, non works with itch.io. This platform gave me so many headaches already... Anyhow, when I use the "Link" option, at least the direct link works, what I am doing here: