You are a blood cell. Your job is to help the body survive - and not be destroyed while doing it!

Wounds, viruses and mutated cells plague the body, and basic oxygen related operations have to be kept up as well. Not only that, you only have 10 seconds to complete each task! Luckily, time is relative around here - as long as you stand still, the world will slow around you.
If you die (enough times that is) the human you're part of will die as well. Find out how long you can survive and add your score to our leaderboard!

Play as four different kinds of blood cells in six different kinds of levels in this time-bending bullet hell game. At each level you have a new goal to achieve, all while avoiding pesky bullets being shot at you from all angles. Pay attention to your environment, as fields of alcohol and cholesterol, or flying blobs of tissue, might hinder your movement.

Made during 7 days for the Bullet Hell Jam 2021. The theme used was 10 seconds. Based on actual science*!
(*with generous artistic license, please stay in school)

• Left click to move - when you move, time will speed forward. When you stand still, it will slow to almost a stop.
• Right click to shoot - Can only be used in one type of level, "Kill Virus" when playing as a B-cell.

Known Bug:

If you see a black screen after the game start, try refreshing the web page! Sorry about the confusion!

Made by:
Programmer/Designer - Flavedo
Composer/Sound designer - Julyzor
QA - Sapient44
Artist - Sealcat


Bullet generation:


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Very fun game. You some how turned a bullet hell into a turn based Super Hot sort of thing. Great twist on the theme as well!