Shoot shots to moon to launch a moonshot!

This project is still in development until the deadline (December 1st, 2020), so feel free to leave feedback!


Space or left click to finish dialog

Space to stop a human

Left click, Enter or F to shoot a shot

Right click to remove the top of the human of the column



texing sound:
bottle throw sound:
moon ouch sound:
wolf sound:
meteo sound:
background musics:
hex shield:

art reference:
character: Earthbound/Mother
moon: Shoot the Moon


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I never knew stacking humans could be so fun ^^

Nice game... key alignment was little tuff thou. Overall it was fun playing

This is cool! I like the shot pun.

But I find it hard.

I love the game, but I feel like the controls require three hands?

Like, I have the mouse in my right hand, and I'm using the spacebar with my left thumb... how am I supposed to push the Enter key?

I can press the F key with my left index finger, but even that feels a little awkward.

It would be nice if Left Shift was an alternate button for shooting a shot, or the right mouse button.


thanks for the advice, I'll change the keys


I changed shoot to left click(since that key is used more often) and remove character to right click.