Welcome to Rhythm Cafe!

As it’s your first day as our brand-new chef, I should tell you a bit about our cozy little cafe in the woods.

Weary travelers from all over come here to enjoy the best soups and broths in the land.

How do they find us I hear you ask? Well, the same way you did of course! By following the smoke from our chimney here. 

Our smoke signals reach high above the canopy and can be seen for miles around.

We cook things a little differently here at Rhythm Cafe. 

It’s all about the music of the meal and the tempo of the temperature.

 Keep an eye on the orders as they come through and press Z on the keyboard to add an ingredient from the left into the pot.

Don’t worry too much if you put the wrong ingredients in the pot. Our customers aren’t fussy, but they will give you a lower score for their meals.

You’ll also need to take care of the oven on the right. Press C on the keyboard to add coal and keep that stove burning in the thermometer’s yellow zone.

Be careful not to put too much coal on the stove. We don’t want it overheating and causing a fire in our cafe built out of wood!

Last thing! We can get quite busy here, so if there is more than one order on the board, you can choose which one to finish first.

And that’s it! Time to start your first shift in the Rhythm Cafe Kitchen. Have fun and remember to always keep to the beat.

press R to restart current game.


Programmer: Flavedo

Aritist: Sumers

Composer & Sound Designer: Nayboh, SidBarny


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This game has some fine rythm - playing it really gives me the flow! Level three is  what I can handle, playing level two is pure joy. Awesome job!