Check it if you are interested:


The game takes some time to load as the assets are huge... Thanks for your patience!

Try windows build for better visuals and music!


Arrow key/awsd to move and jump

R to restart game when you die

Left and right to select where you want to respawn after death

Space to respawn after selection

Y to kill the seed


On the final tree, the leaves with green color on them can be jumped on too!


Programmer: Flavedo

Composer: Julyzor

Test: Sapient44

Artist: Sealcat

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Authorsflavedogame, Sapient44, Sealcat, Julio Reyes Dieck
Made withUnity


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I sincerely love this game. The art is absolutely beautiful, gameplay is not too easy or too hard, and the message of growth in the face of dying is gorgeous. I'm very happy to have played this game.

Nice story embedded in beautiful art.

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Very pretty game! <3


Thank you for playing<3


cute game


Artworks are so great. And gameplay was quite nice & satisfactory.


This art is truly inspired. Well done. I played to the very end so I could see what was around each corner. The concept is interesting and might have more potential. What is sprouts became food for critters, for example? What if you passed by certain areas that changed the type of seed that you are? Btwe, E would be a bit better for respawning, since it's right by W. Really liked the music and the art. Relaxing, enjoyable game. Kudos.


Thanks! In our plan, we would want to add a bird that would eat you and poop out on a cliff lol. But would not have time to finish that. Thanks for the advice would definitely think about it and might make this into a full game!

(1 edit) (+2)

I liked the visual style and the concept of the game, but I had problems with the platforming sections, the controls didn't feel good for that kind of gameplay, and some times it might not be clear where a platform starts or ends. But overall I liked it. Also the idea of a plant growing and reproducing reminded me of my own game.


Thanks for playing! I'll check your game soon. Can you explain more about the platforming issue? when you say "controls didn't feel good for that kind of gameplay", do you mean the gravity or speed of the character is not fit, or the platformer does not fit the gameplay at all? Do you suggest something like click and explore kind of gameplay? Thanks!

(1 edit)

They were kind of "floaty",I don't think I can explain it that well, but yes, the speed, the gravity. Also the sliding off edges, and something that might be a bug, but you cant jump in some places when going up a path. In the tree/leaves platforms, the difference between platform and background, I think could have been more obvious. I also don't like that kind of vertical lag in the camera (mostly noticeable when jumping), I like it more when they just keep the camera in the ground while jumping, or maybe make it follow the character without lag. But I understand that this is very well done for the game jam and I'm just giving you feedback in case you wanted to continue working on it. good luck

thanks I'll see what I can do with that!


very pretty game! I love the art and the music and exploring the world :)




Very cute game, found it really similar to mine in style and the watercolor is incredible :D

Oh yeah, I played yours and thought about that too! art buddies :D


i love this game, it's really pretty game


Very cute


What a pretty and fun game!



Thank you so much! :)