You are a squirrel and need to survive the autumn and winter!

Click on cards to move.


Moving squirrel cost 1 acorn

Try moving branch onto an acorn to combine them. There are multiple rules you can find out in the game!

You can create a weapon and move squirrel on it to equip.

A snake steals 1 acorn per day

Fire is useful, try to keep it stay longer by burning some wood by it.

You can move the snake onto the trap

When there can be a new rule, there will be an alert shown on a card

Furniture can stay when you restart the game

Check the rules book for the rules you found

The leaves outside the window change according to the season

Let me know what you think of the game~


Programmer/designer: Flavedo

Artist: Humane Tiger

Composer/Sfx designer: sourlyx

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsflavedogame, sourlyx, Humane Tiger
GenreCard Game, Puzzle, Strategy
TagsAnimals, autumn, Casual, fire, Forest, Prototype


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I remember this being a pretty good game, but I can't play it now. It only showed about a third of the screen when I tried today. 

Thanks for letting me know! I fixed that problem.

Also if you are interested, we implement another version of this game (well they look different but from the same spirit):

Thank you so much!

It would be better if the items I got in the store can be shown next to the 9 tiles. Because sometimes I forget about them.

WOW  my type os games looks neat and some achievement please

Thanks for likeing it! Added some achievement, hopefully you'd like it!

Pretty fun game and I liked the cute icons! Though I wish there was some sort of win state as I got to 50 nuts before I called it quits. I was able to avoid the snakes by avoiding clicking on adjacent squares.

Lol thanks for playing it! Yeah it is still in development state so I'm keeping adding stuff. Definitely will add a win state later!